Seriously! Leon’s honest ScriptReel review, I do not like it!
Script Reel failed to disclose that a membership to Amazon AWS (text to speech or transcription) service is required. So there are potentially surprise charges that were not totally divulged! Does ScriptReel Work? Possibly … but you do not need it. Plus, all youtube videos after 2014 are transcribed/captioned totally free currently. Publish a youtube video, and it’ll be transcribed totally free!

Here are some relate to info on how to download your captioned youtube subtitles totally free:

You can then translate to any languages you desire through google translator. No need to utilize ScriptReel.

* ScriptReel draws but it is NOT a rip-off, and the seller, Abhi Dwivedi, in fact has a great rep and has a great deal of other quality items under his name.

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