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    WordPress 5 How to Disable Gutenberg and Change to the Old WordPress Classic Editor

WordPress 5 How to Disable Gutenberg and Change to the Old WordPress Classic Editor

WordPress 5 forces the brand-new GutenBerg editor, it is terrible. Here’s How to Disable Gutenberg and Change Back to the Old Classic Editor.

Gutenberg editor plugin has a 2.2/ 5 stars


The classic editor plugin has almost an impeccable 5 stars!

Classic Editor

Reskin Android App Templates and Make 1000 monthly

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Get Other People To Review Your Site Free Of Charge

Need some feedbacks on your brand-new website? Get it review totally free by other web designers and marketers.

Here are the 2 free online forums to get feedbacks on your sites:


Reddlab Review I Don’t Like it

My honest Reddlab review, it’s NOT GOOD at all! Reddlab is a brand-new reddit traffic guide, but nothing is brand-new about it! Very worthless guide about how to setup a reddit account and post to it.

You’re paying $10 for a 15 page ebook on how to setup a reddit account!

Wix Review How to Develop a Site With Wix

My Wix review + Tutorial on How to Make A Wix Site with the Wix Site Builder. Is Wix free? Yes Wix is free to utilize, go to here: https://wix.com/

What is Wix? Wix is a professional easy to use site builder tool with over 1000+ templates and simple to use drag and drop functions.

Wix […]

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    How to Earn Money With Facebook Instant Articles Audience Network

How to Earn Money With Facebook Instant Articles Audience Network

The initial post about making money with Facebook and step by action tutorial can be seen here:

How to earn money with Facebook Instant Articles + Facebook Audience Network. If you’re searching for a google adsense alternative, or another income stream, this is a terrific alternative.

Watch My NewsBuilder Review and See How to Make an Automatic News Site

My NewsBuilder Review, watch me make an automated news site with NewsBuilder. Get $2 off of NewsBuilder by utilizing my affiliate link: https://mymarketingdeals.com/go/newsbuilder/
* Usage voucher “news2” for $2 off

In my NewsBuilder review video, I’ll show you my fast setup tutorial and about importing of the preloaded news Content.

NewsBuilder Review, The Good Things:
– Preloaded content

Is Your WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? How to Fix

Are you stuck in maintenance mode while trying to upgrade your wordpress plugins or styles? Now you can’t access your site. Also, you’ve try removing the maintenance file but you see that there are no maintenance file in the public_html folder? This video demonstrates how to see the maintenance file in case it is […]

Is Weebly a Great Site Building Tool? My Weebly Review

My Weebly review + Tutorial on How to Make A Weebly Website and Blog. Is weebly free? Yes it is free to use, visit here: https://mymarketingdeals.com/go/weebly/

What is weebly? Weebly is a professional simple to utilize website builder tool. Potentially the very best on the internet!

Weebly Review, The Good Things:
– EASY to use to build […]

Honest Digi Store Builder Review is it Any Good?

Here’s my Honest Digi Store Builder Review, it is a simple to setup tool for launching your own preloaded infoproduct store selling ebooks, videos, and services. However you most likely don’t need this. If you have experience in setting up wordpress or know how to utilize CPANEL, you can get an online shop up […]